The Known Universe – Incredible Video

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The American Museum of Natural History has produced this amazing video…

documenting the Known Universe – scientifically rendered for you to see.

This film was produced by Michael Hoffman, and directed by Carter Emmart. Brian Abbot manages and Ben R. Oppenheimer curates the Digital Universe Atlas. The exhibition at the Rubin, Visions of the Cosmos: From the Milky Ocean to an Evolving Universe, opened on December 11 and continues through May 10.

Thanks, Mongoola, for sharing this with me!

New telescope makes quick discovery!

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Man, I’ve always had an interest in astronomy, and this is very exciting…

Kepler Telescope

Apparently, according to this article on

The new Kepler Telescope has spotted a planet out there that’s pointed at a star (sun) and the planet’s hot side is 4000 degrees (and it glows!)   That’s a pretty amazing find since the new telescope hasn’t even started its official operation yet!

Can’t wait to see what’s discovered!

An amazing free online photo editor!

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If you’re looking for an amazing free online photo editor, SumoPaint is it!

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This is great if you need to do some Photoshop type work, but:

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Traveling? Seven sites to check before you do!

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If you’re going to travel, especially internationally, now is the time!

There are unbelievable deals waiting to be had!

Charly & Melanie in Greece!

Here’s Melanie & I on our Honeymoon last year in Santorini (Greece)!

If you’re looking for the absolute best deal AND want to be notified if a better deal comes along, check these sites out:

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Get back up – meet Nick Vujicic

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I’m putting this video up as a reminder for myself, and I think you might enjoy it too…

If you ever feel down and out – listen to Nick:

Pretty darn cool…   Special Thanks to Tim Ferriss (and his mom) for the link!

Keep track of Barack’s Promises – Obameter!

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Wow, this is a cool site.  If you’re interested in tracking if Barack’s keeping his promises, be sure to check it out –


Special thanks to Dan for sharing this in our last Team Meeting.

I find it interesting how they…

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Free shipping coupons for Christmas Shopping!

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As you probably know, I’m all about using the power of the web to save money.

Reading through the latest issue of ShopSmart Magazine, I found this gem,!

It gives you a couple list of free shipping coupons & also lists companies offering free shipping as well.


Inspirational video clip – Facing the Giants

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I’d like to thank John Lankford & Heather Christie at ActionCoach Lighthouse for sharing this video in their workshop –

It’s been serving as great momentum for me in the last few days, toward pushing myself farther than I normally would to reach my short term goals. ;)

What do you think about it?

Amazon Windowshop – Now this is how to shop online!

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Wow, I’m impressed — Amazon just debuted their new…

WindowShop Web Site (available at!

I was amazed at:

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My first Squidoo lens, what do you think?

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Squidoo has really fired me up!

Visit my first Squidoo Lens

Specifically about creating a “lens”, as they call it, on a few things I’m really passionate about.

In my first lens…

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